The Myth vs. The New man!


For centuries, people had loving connections and relationships with each other! Altough more and more people experienced monogamous relationships too standard and ambivalent. They feel limited in their development simply because by nature humans are not monogamous and always desire more love! Most of us tries to conform convulsant but is taking in deep traps that lead to broken trust, or worse... crisis or a divorce, with the result to start again from the beginning ... serial monogamy! Nevertheless, there has long been a radical change taking place! Namely the New people now recognize that his eternal search for the prince / es on the white horse shows an old myth that no more than temporary fulfillment offers!

The New Man is frequently focused on personal development, spiritual enrichment, self-reflection and a fuller and more loving life. This creates more openness to maintaining multiple romantic relationships simultaneously (polyamory) in our society. This leads us mainly to honesty and respect for ourselves and others, but even more so, to the love that we so deeply desire. They are the more devoloped people who consciously choose this as their relationship standard! The New Man is looking for authenticity and realizes that fear and lies can undermine and seriously destroy your relationships and in the end...your integrity!

Together with and for these New People we have created a warm and loving platform where we can meet each other openly and honestly to find new love.

There are more and more New People every day!



PolyAmoryWorld 1e datingsite for Polyamory in NL!



Do you also want to have a succesfull Polylife?


Polyamory is certainly not meant for everybody! You could's only meant for those who are more developed in life and in their relationships! Some people seems to think or say that your relationship múst be poor to choose this way of living...on the contrary! Your relationship múst be quit strong to give each other the freedom to step over your fears and boundaries.! It is a big challenge but the ones whom choose it feel like their lives have been lifted much higher! To be able to successfully integrate Polyamory in your life you could need the following 15 quality's.


  • Being able to communicate with respect
  • Being able to listen
  • Being able to think outside of the box
  • Being flexible
  • Being able to maintain more then one loving relationship
  • Being able to give your partner space
  • Being open to honesty and intimacy
  • Being able to give your partner space
  • Make personal growth a must
  • Have a positive attitude towards sex
  • Try to have a Jea-loving (opposite of Jalousie) feeling towards your partner
  • Be a team-player
  • Have patience
  • Being able to multitask
  • Being able to forgive easily
  • Have a healthy sense of humor




My husband and I are looking for a well rounded , outgoing, open minded, energetic bi sexual woman. My husband and I have been married for 17 years we are very happy in our marriage but wanting to explore other things with the woman that wants the same things we do. We like to travel, go out not always planned just going with the flow..Please only respond if you are available now and please no head games we are not looking for any drama...we have pictures per request.

The Difference...

PolyAmoryWorld is a original community for Polyamory run by JeanLuc & Sylvie since April 2e, 2010. We have been living Polyamorous for about 8 years now. We wanted to provide an opportunity for finding your  "extra" love. PAW was born out of our idealism and the only Polyamory datingsite in which all members have a personal photo and a nice content profile. We created this open and safe environment to keep it as transparent as possible while members recognize and respect each other. What makes PAW so unique?


No monthly recurring charges, but only a one-time enrollment as a Full member so you become a member of our community (as long as you meet the  Terms of Use your membership remains valid). Polyamory is finally not a choice for one month but for life! We like to distance ourselves from ordinary sites who charge their members on a monthly basis. And we take pride to do so! PolyAmoryWorld is a social meeting place for honest people who find their "complementary" love or already have found it here... but you can do more!

PA Members

The core of our community consists of PA members whom are experienced with this type of relationships. They help determine who is nominated for the PA membership. They receive bonus benefits from us for their involvement to keep the quality of the site high standard.  We like to set this quality of our site the best possible guarantee. Together with them we offer you the opportunity to enrich your life. Do you and / or your partner have the space for more than a loving relationship based on open and honesty? We invite you to be part of our warm-hearted and unique community.  We regard the creation and existence of PolyAmoryWorld as an expression of love to each other and to our members. Together we experience Polyamory as a sensational feeling of freedom .... Freedom for multiple loving relationships! Let's make the world a better place!
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Want to try first? We created a special option to try an Introduction membership first where you are able to connect and try the site to get a better feel from it. PolyAmoryWorld is a site with integrity and gives the opportunity to find other like minded people like your self....but of course you can do more things here.
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Our Vision!
If you don't agree with our vision and intentions please, do nót subscribe on our site! We like to keep our community as clean and healthy as possible. There are enough alternatives to be found on the internet! Thanks!


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