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PolyAmoryWorld grew out of an idealism and an honest desire to provide a original dating-platform on the internet for people like us who also polyamorous in life. was founded on 2-04-2010 and for one and a half years has been freely accessible to our members. In these eighteen months, our members had a big say in the final design of the new site as it stands, however, we keep remaining in development. Now the site has become commercial, it is very important to distinguish ourselves from other dating sites that require monthly fees to be members.

Our experience is that people need time to find each other on the dating platform, therefor PolyAmoryWorld only requests a one-time subscription of its members. Our motto "You're not just Polyamorous for one month" so why pay every month!  We consider it very important that all the people can find each other on a long term basis. So we are very happy to be of help to find more love in their lives!

However, we mandated that everyone is seen on the site so that an open culture is maintained. All members are therefore recognizable with a personal photo unless someone (paid option) absolutely does not want to be visible.

PAW is setting a unique tone for other datingsites to which it gives notice to any site with free or empty profiles! There are already enough of those!

PolyAmoryWorld was made with love for each other and our Poly members. We hope that with this website we give something in return so we can make the world a better place!

PAW team is an exclusive online dating community for adults of 21 years and older who are seriously looking for an additional date, relationship or friendship. Looking for a loved one next to your current partner? Would you like to get in touch with like-minded? Polyamory world offers you this unique opportunity!

By subscribing as a member, you will quickly and easily get in touch with other members of our dating community that match your interests and preferences. By becoming a Member of PolyAmoryWorld you accept the Terms of Agreements

Polyamory is about being open and honest in your relationship (s) and gives more people the possibility of freedom for multiple loving relationships! To what is often taboo in Polyamory is to break here, we use an open culture where members are visibly.

It's required on our site to post a clear and recognizable picture of yourself. PolyAmoryWorld is an exclusive and unique dating-plattform and the only dating site that contains these conditions. Our goal is to provide a quality site where our members feel safe and at home. Also to the wallet is thought of! This site requires no recurring or monthly fees, but is accessible to everyone through one time registration fee only!

Polyamory is finally a choice for life ... not for just one month!



You can find the Terms of Agreements in the green footer underneath the site.

But to make it easier for you Click Here





Subscribe to PAW as a Free member is free of charge!!

You go on the first page of the site (called Landing Page) and click on the button Subscribe for free.

Following is the field for the required data. Upon registration, you need a valid email address and personal password to mention it. After the registration of the data follows a page where your profile and address information must be completed. This also applies to all required fields.

On our site we use an open culture. This means that a clear and recent photo of yourself must contain your account, otherwise this will not be published (see Terms). Your photo should be using the Crop feature to be centered as much as possible.

Try the widest description (profile) of who you are, so that other members get a little picture of your personal situation and interests. Your registration is first checked before it is visible on the site. Registrations without profile or photographs are not permitted!

PolyAmoryWorld provides its services on a single charge! All Full and PA members and Partner members who are registered with us will be able to use the services of our site (provided they continue to meet the conditions). The full membership will be offered indefinitely!

If a member no longer meets the user requirements and their membership it will be canceled automatically and become a Free membership subscription. The Administrator has the right to remove a member  from the site who misbehaves or does not meet the rules without any explanation!




We offer you the possibility to get acquainted as a Free Member in our community

  • You get to read all the profiles
  • You can receive once a day an interest or receive messages from Full members
  • You can not initiate chat sessions with other Free members
  • You are not allowed to communicate with other Free members
  • Participating in a chat is possible but only with Full Members
  • As a Free member, you can not view pictures of our members unless they are released by them
  • It is not allowed to mention e-mail addresses or links/urls in your profile

Do you want to know more? Try the Full membership for one's the best option if your not completly sure!

Do you want to be a long term member right away? Then of course you can directly go for the Full membership choise long term!

Please review the Terms of Agreements and agree before you click through and choose the desired membership!



You are already a Free member and want to become a Full member?

Then you have to go the Boutique in the black menu and choose for Memberships, then click on Subscriptions to pick the Full Membership option nr. 2.

For this you only pay a one time fee of € 99.00 Euro's. A Full membership gives you the upportunity to:

  • Communcate with all Free, Full and PA members (gender that you have paid for)
  • Unlimited chat with Free, Full and PA members (gender that you have paid for)
  • Send unlimited messages to Free & Full and PA members (gender that you have paid for)
  • Unlimited access to all profiles and pictures (unless hidden trough payment)
  • Search on keywords
  • Build contacts with likeminded people
  • Write a Blog and comment on the blog
  • Make your Blog only visible to Full and PA members
  • Upload to 3 pictures
  • Attach pictures is a message
  • Hide your picture to other members (through payment)
  • Access to the forum and recent comments
  • Pick a special group of Friends where you can share private pictures with


Do you want to join with your partner and you are a new member?

After you have created your profile, you will see the choice of Subscriptions, click on option nr.3
This is where we offer you the option to join with your partner
After the checkout of the first account, you will receive a discount coupon. This coupon will give you a discount of a substantial amount at the checkout. Note: Your address has to be the same as your partner! On the site  there will be a indication in your profile who your partner is.

The Full membership is valid as long as you continue to comply with the Terms! Does your profile or photo no longer meets these conditions then the full membership lapse and your account will be deactivated!
You remain at all times responsible for the content of your account and your profile!



The long-term Full membership says it all, Your Full membership is valid indefinitely and  you can keep it as long as you continues to meet all Terms of Conditions.

Our site has a different objective with its dating-platform and is not aimed at bringing in monthly recurring large amounts where one always loses the Full membership. This can be quite costly in the longer term!

We are very proud to announce that PolyAmoryWorld clearly discriminates against other (Polyamory) datingsites. We assume that you ar not just for one month polyamorous, but  that's a choice for life.

We therefore give our members the Full membership for indefinited time period!

What should you do to become a  long term Full member?

Visit the FAQ for "How do I become full member?" and follow the instructions.

Registration for the Full membership fees apply. These costs can be met though many of our payment options via the Multisafepay payment system. Your personal and financial information is secure and protected from abuse.




For those who want to learn more about our community, it is possible to choose for the one month introduction Full membership. This membership will expire automatically after one month. If your subscription is not prolonged  your profile stays registered as a Free member on the site unless you want to remove your account of course.

The introduction-membership offers you the opportunity to try our site before you choose a long-term Full membership. You can experience what the site has to offer you. Also in this membership it is required to post a clear and recognizable picture of yourself. This Full membership offers all Full-members the same options.

Did you like the introduction membership-so well that you want to register as a long term Full member?

Following the introduction subscription we will offer you a discount coupon. With this coupon you will receive a discount on the long term Full memberships. With the Full membership you are assured of a valid membership for an indefinite period of time.

On removal of photos or profile your Full membership will be canceled and will automatically deactivate your profile!

PolyAmoryWorld does not refund registration fees!


You want to register with together with your partner?

Then there is the option for you both to create a separate account on the site is linked to each other. When creating your profile you can control who your partner. This is later made ​​visible on your profile as: PA partner. Clicking this link will see the other members who your partner is PA. After you have created your profile, you can choose from three membership options, click on option # 3 for the PA Partnership
Here you and your partner have an attractive coupon discount on the second account at registration

How does it work?

The first account paid the full amount of € 99.95
After settling the first account, you will receive a discount coupon. You can enter the coupon code at checkout from the second account you have created which the amount of the second Full membership automatically halved. Through your profile, then indicate who your partner is PA. Note: Do not forget to mention both profiles who your partner is PA otherwise it will not you to link!

The PA partnership also apply to partners the same rights and obligations as all other Full members and PA members.
If you and/or your partner want tried the Introduction of a Full Membership € 19.95 and still  for the long-term full membership subscription (€ 99.00) here you will receive a coupon again with an attractive discount on the second registration for your partner!

The partnerships with PA only remains valid indefinitely as long as all the Terms are met!





Our community has a hard core of members called PA members. They are also the members who monitor the site and ensure that the quality of the site is preserved. PA members can express their appreciation to Full members by rating them, as a watchdog, they nominate Full members on the site. 
After sufficient evaluation score a Full member (through the Administrator) are also invited to become a PA member.

The PA members also have a right to hide their photograph for the Full members only if this is noted in their profile. So you can't become a PA member without the appreciation of the other PA members. The PA members also bear this responsibility in their choice to ensure the quality of the site will be maintained!

In this way we can ensure that the core of the site, nor may allow members who are not our target group polyamory!




   FREE  FULL   PA  
Put 3 photo's and your profile  
Chat with other members (Free memb. just Full & PA)
Read Blogs, Comments & Lounge story's
See who looked at your profile
See who is online
Receive and answer messages  (Free memb. 1 per day)
Access to all profiles
Use of chat support
Access to photo's of Full & PA members (permission needed)
Search profiles with search engine
Chat with both genders (payment)
Write Blogs, Comments & Lounge story's
Attach files of pictures with messages  (private photo's)
Block members
Access to all photo's (PA memb. need to agree)
Make photo invisible for áll memb. (payment)
Make photo invisible for Free & Full memb. (payment)
Make photo invisible for PA members
Nominate Full members for PA status




The cost for the membership are:


Free membership€   00.00
Introduction Full membership€   19.95
Lange term Full membership€   99.95
Lange term PA membership for 2 pers.€ 159.95
Photo visible€     0.00
1   month. photo invisible€     9.95
2   month. photo invisible€   12.95
3   month. photo invisible€   19.95
6   month. photo invisible€   29.95
12 month. photo invisible€   49.95
Communication with both genders (bi-sexuals)€   24.95


The Introduction Full membership will expire automaticly after one month.

After the Introduction Full membership  you will receive a discount coupon that you can use if you decide to take a long term Full membership or the PA membership. The PA membership will give you a extra discount on top.

Price changes and adjustments are reserved by


 You can get a discount when your Introduction membership is finished. You will receive a coupon for a discount on your next subscription. This discount will lower the price of a Long term Full membership to € 89.00. instead of € 99.00 euro'sWhen you use this discount on a PA membership with your spouse it will give you a extra discount on top! Not a bad deal!   


To register for the Full membership fees apply. These costs can be met. Many of our payment options go via the Multisafepay payment system. Your personal and financial information is secure and protected from any  abuse.

An overview of the costs for participation in our polyamory dating community takes you to:

FAQ: What is the cost of a subscription?

Ideal Mister Cash visa master Multisafepay

All amounts are including VAT

Polyamory World reserves the right at all times, entry fees to increase or decrease! Polyamory world knows no refund of entry fees!





We at PolyAmoryWorld feel that it is of the utmost importance to maintain an open culture in our community. We are also convinced that we provide in quality and we want to offer a more attractive site to our Polyamory members. Everyone who registered is therefore required to post a clear, recent and recognizable picture of themselfs!

If for personal reasons, you absolutely do not want to make your picture visible, you have the opportunity to hide your picture (trough payment only) with this function you also have the the option to show your photo only on request to other members.

The amount that will be charged to make your picture invisible is: € 9.95 per month and must be extended by yourself.



As a member you have the option to put of a total of 5 pictures in your profile.

The first known photograph, however, should be a clear head and recognizable picture of yourself preferably containing face or torso. Also a main picture with sunglasses or a comic or cartoon character is not allowed

There are certain conditions for the other pictures too. Unclear, impure or old childhood photos are also not allowed.

Pictures of erotic and / or nudity (where the member himself or not recognizable on is shown) are only allowed if they are shared through the Friends funtion they can  be released to another member and are not monitored.

However, when such pictures are quite visible to all PolyAmoryWorld members the Administrator has the right to remove or to block the corresponding profile.

The other photographs may be entered as desired but should be respectful and not offensive images contain!




We do our utmost best to protect your photos. We provide your photo with our PolyAmoryWorld specialy designed for PAW. Also the pictures are proteced and can not be copied.

Provided you have chosen your image to be visible, only the Free ,Full & PA members are able to see your photos. can never completely rule out am abuse!

Therefor never place too many personal details and / or use recognizable (user) names unless you have absolutely no objection to your recognition!



A Crop feature means that you can enlarge your photo so it optimally emerges in the search results.

The pictures you upload in your profile will show as this feature. This crop function makes your pictures show a better result. So you can get just like it the best way, when a face was not visible you see who is on the photo. Also faces taken from far bring them forward and is therefore more visible!



It is possible to send photos or files via your Messaging tab

Simply go to Messages and click on New Message

Then add an attachment and send it by clicking on the Send Message button




You can send a message in two ways.

First one is to simply go to a profile of a member you like, and click on the envelope. After you draft your message you can click on the Send button.

The seccond way is to go to your Messages and click on New Message. Simply put the username in the field and make your message ready to Send it.

With your message you can also attach a picture or file if your wish to do so.



To subscribe to the quarterly newsletter, go to your Account and select tab Newsletter

Here you can by clicking on a tick box indicate whether you will or do not wish to receive the newsletter



If desired, you can prevent or break contact with some member (s).

You go into this in the black menu bar and click on Messages and then click the last tab: Block

Copy and paste the excacte username of the member and click the Block member

Among these functions are then the names of the member (s) that are blocked in sight.

The blocked user (s) will then no longer be able to send messages to your account.

To restore access to your member profile to simply click on Unblock




On our site we LifeStyle tags to indicate what fits best with your lifestyle in terms of hobbies, interests etc.

For instance, You have a hobby and you want to specify witch hobby this is. So you choose a tag that's best suitable for you. You can also indicate what your favorite Italian food choice is. In all 5 tags your profile gets a more personal note.  The other members can see your tag-cloud and click on a tag-word to view and to get to know you a little better!





To unblock a blocked member you need to go to Messages click on the Tab Block and you can easily unblock a blocked member again by clicking on the button to Unblock the rightful member(s)!



You can easily send messages to the members of the opposite sex

The first way is simply through the profile of another member. In the profile you will find an envelope, if you click on it you can send that member a message.

The second way is by looking at your messages in the black menu called Messages and after you click on New Message. Then you will see the fields that your need to fill in the username and ofcourse your message.

It is also possible to add an attachment by example a picture and send it along with the message

If the message is ready to send just simply click on the Send Message button!




Please let us know if you have any questions or complaints about our service so we can try to improve the site & be of better help and service!
If you are registered and you have made a profile you can put your questions trough the online Chat support!
If your not registered yet, you need to use the Contact form (black menu) and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.
The Chat support is specially designed for our Polyamory members who have pressing questions and would like te receive answers and/or advice. They will do their utmost best to help you with your questions or problems.
The Chat support is reachable almost every day but when it's not online you can also put your question through out the contact form!

There is always a short term answer, but geranteed within 24 hours we will come back to concerning your question or comment!

The Chat support is accessible by clicking on the PAW team!




You can easily customize your settings by clicking on your Account

Here you will find tabs underneath each other that will allow you to:

  • Adjust your e-mail
  • Modify your Password
  •  Add to adjust
  • Adjust your Language settings
  • Allow or change Private messages settings
  • Adjust Local time and place settings
  • Adjus your Contact Settings

Always click on the Save button otherwise the adjustments will not be saved!



Whitin PolyAmoryWorld we use a special system

After you have created or modified a profile and clicked Save, you'll see in the black bar next to the word Profile a yellow flag. This flag shows that your profile has yet to be screened. The edited profile is not visible. So you see your old profile data still appear!

Do you see a red flag next to your profile in the black menu it means that your profile must be adjusted. There is a reason specified in your profile what needs to be adjusted and then adjusted again you see the yellow flag displayed. Your profile will be screened again for approval.

No flag in the black bar means your profile is approved and published!




There is the option to deactivate your account temporarily (but no longer then 3 months per year) . For deactivation of your account, you can send your request  to our e-mail address:

Please note that deactivation of your account for more than three months will result in loosing your Full membership automatically!

It is not possible to prolong deactivation of your account for more then trhree months a year. You will have to go through payment again to re-take advantage of previous privileges. does not refund subscription money!





If you want to delete your account completely, you can simply send us an e-mail with your request to:

We will delete your account after 48 hours due to the messages that you could be still receiving

Unfortunately there is no possibility for refund of any registration fees! There are no charges for unsubscribing!




 The Privacy Policy is to be found under the link in the green menu at the bottom of the site. In the so-called green Footer, or click here on Privacy Policy  


Every effort has been made ​​to polyamory world to archive your data is stored in a secure environment. Only a limited number of employees have access to this data and then only for functional purposes. We do our best to carefully deal with your data

Personal information you provide during registration is not accessible to third parties: they will not be disclosed or exchanged. The photos are only visible to other members of polyamory world.

For substantial privacy rules we refer to our Privacy-Policy.


PolyAmoryWorld 1e datingsite for Polyamory in NL!



Do you also want to have a succesfull Polylife?


Polyamory is certainly not meant for everybody! You could's only meant for those who are more developed in life and in their relationships! Some people seems to think or say that your relationship múst be poor to choose this way of living...on the contrary! Your relationship múst be quit strong to give each other the freedom to step over your fears and boundaries.! It is a big challenge but the ones whom choose it feel like their lives have been lifted much higher! To be able to successfully integrate Polyamory in your life you could need the following 15 quality's.


  • Being able to communicate with respect
  • Being able to listen
  • Being able to think outside of the box
  • Being flexible
  • Being able to maintain more then one loving relationship
  • Being able to give your partner space
  • Being open to honesty and intimacy
  • Being able to give your partner space
  • Make personal growth a must
  • Have a positive attitude towards sex
  • Try to have a Jea-loving (opposite of Jalousie) feeling towards your partner
  • Be a team-player
  • Have patience
  • Being able to multitask
  • Being able to forgive easily
  • Have a healthy sense of humor



The Difference...

PolyAmoryWorld is a original community for Polyamory run by JeanLuc & Sylvie since April 2e, 2010. We have been living Polyamorous for about 9 years now. We wanted to provide an opportunity for finding your  "extra" love. PAW was born out of our idealism and the only Polyamory datingsite in which all members have a personal photo and a nice content profile. We created this open and safe environment to keep it as transparent as possible while members recognize and respect each other. What makes PAW so unique?


No monthly recurring charges, but only a one-time enrollment as a Full member so you become a member of our community (as long as you meet the  Terms of Use your membership remains valid). Polyamory is finally not a choice for one month but for life! We like to distance ourselves from ordinary sites who charge their members on a monthly basis. And we take pride to do so! PolyAmoryWorld is a social meeting place for honest people who find their "complementary" love or already have found it here... but you can do more!

PA Members

The core of our community consists of PA members whom are experienced with this type of relationships. They help determine who is nominated for the PA membership. They receive bonus benefits from us for their involvement to keep the quality of the site high standard.  We like to set this quality of our site the best possible guarantee. Together with them we offer you the opportunity to enrich your life. Do you and / or your partner have the space for more than a loving relationship based on open and honesty? We invite you to be part of our warm-hearted and unique community.  We regard the creation and existence of PolyAmoryWorld as an expression of love to each other and to our members. Together we experience Polyamory as a sensational feeling of freedom .... Freedom for multiple loving relationships! Let's make the world a better place!
Try Out
Want to try first? We created a special option to try an Introduction membership first where you are able to connect and try the site to get a better feel from it. PolyAmoryWorld is a site with integrity and gives the opportunity to find other like minded people like your self....but of course you can do more things here.
What are the options? Click here
Our Vision!
If you don't agree with our vision and intentions please, do nót subscribe on our site! We like to keep our community as clean and healthy as possible. There are enough alternatives to be found on the internet! Thanks!


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